28 Weeks - Comparison...good or bad?

28 Weeks - Comparison...good or bad?

Week 28 – HEEELLLLOOOO Third Trimester!!!

Whoa…that 2nd trimester flew by and now I'm rolling into the 3rd and final one! "Rolling" is very fitting as I just feel like I've got a big ole' bowling ball in my belly now!

Rolling out of bed is quite comical too...for everyone else. I'm too busy bracing for pain when I get out of bed. Those first few steps are no joke! Back to the baby....she's an active little thing. Which I love. There is just nothing better than feeling her kick and punch.

COMPARISON: Normally I would say this is very bad bad word during pregnancy. You NEVER want to compare your pregnancy to someone else's. Just like "outside" of pregnancy there will always be someone bigger, smaller, more active, less active…etc. I actually haven't compared my pregnancy to others' much, but I have compared my first to my current pregnancy A LOT…and the pictures may prove it's actually not as bad as I thought.

If you asked me how my "size" compares to my first pregnancy, I would tell you that I am MUCH bigger this time. At least so I thought…until I actually compared the two pictures side by side. You can see in the picture the one on the left is me from July 2014 and the one on the right is this year. I was shocked to see that there really isn't a huge difference. I am a little bigger in the belly, but not nearly as much as I thought.

Even though I have the proof right in front of me, I'm still sticking with I feel MUCH bigger this time. Maybe it's because I'm up and down and playing on the floor way more with an active 21 month old. Hmmmm….and I'm two years older….and overall I'm just way more tired. Yep, I'll blame it on all of that. =)

On a side note…my daughter's big girl room is starting its transformation! I'm so excited to show everyone the finished product in a few weeks!!

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