3 teams in Marshall Co., KY on Saturday to assess damage

Roads washed away, more than 15 inches of rain falls in Marshall Co., KY

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Several roads have been washed out and a lot of flood waters hit homes in Marshall County, Kentucky from the large amount of rain.

Benton Fire Chief Harry Green said three damage assessment teams will be in Benton and Marshall County going around to look at all of the damage on Saturday July 9.

The city is still assessing the damage and the adjuster will be out too.

"Of course the amount of rain we've had has been extraordinary and my neighbor measured rain here 13 and a half inches total…" Green said.

The large amount of rain is to blame for taking out part of Kip Phillip's road in Marshall county.

"A lot of rain and these culverts and roads just can't handle it and of course it washed out our road down below us here."

Phillips said he's one of the lucky ones who can get out through another route.

However, he said the rain cause a lot bigger problems than washed out roads.

Gerald Chambers & Sons Scott Chambers who's fixing Phillip's road agrees.

"A lot of people have lost more than just a street , you know, like I said these people have an access in and out there's people that have lost homes, so it's devastating," Chambers said.

Chambers has lived in the area for 47 years and said he's never seen damage like this.

Fire Chief Green said you might not even know that the road isn't there anymore until it's too late.

"You have no idea when you pull up to it, that it may be just black top, and no footer underneath it," Green said, "And if that happens, which that did happen on the other end of the county, a lady ended up in the creek because of that reason so just kind of be aware and if you see changes in the roads you need to report it to someone."

The fire chief said he hopes all of the roads will be open back up and passable by the middle of next week.

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