Web app to help Kentuckians figure out if their records can be wiped clear

Web app to help Kentuckians figure out if their records can be wiped clear
Published: Jun. 6, 2016 at 4:01 PM CDT
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KENTUCKY (KFVS) - Starting in July, thousands of Kentuckians will be able to take control of their criminal records, and even wipe them clear.

That is because of House Bill 40, which was signed into law by Gov. Bevin in April.

The law will let people convicted of Class D felonies erase their criminal records.

That includes offenses for failing to pay child support, possession of a controlled substance and theft.

Those who want to apply for expungement will need a clean record for five years after their sentences are complete and pay $500.

While the process sounds easy enough, lawyers like Brad Clark say it is not.

"Our lawmakers said they wanted to help people get back to work, but they've made the process confusing and more complicated than it needs to be," Clark explained online.

That is why Clark has created a new web app called unconvicted.com.

It is designed to help people convicted of crimes get their records clean, so they can get back to work, apply for loans or housing, which are typically things that can be denied if you have a criminal record.

The web app allows you to fill out a 12 question questionnaire, and then within 72 hours you will receive an assessment to see if you have a good case for expungement.

From there, Clark Law charges a fee depending on the level of service you pick to clear your record.

This law goes into place on July 15.

Clark hopes this web app could streamline the process.

"I created Unconvicted because I want everyone who is eligible to have a chance to clear their record," Clark explained.

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