Gov. Rauner makes appearance at Vienna Correctional Center

Gov. Rauner makes appearance at Vienna Correctional Center

VIENNA, IL (KFVS/AP) - Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made a stop in southern Illinois on Wednesday, June 1.

It was one day after the states spring legislative session ended without a 2017 budget.

The Republican Governor called on state lawmakers to pass move forward with a state funding plan in his speech at the Vienna Correctional Center in Vienna, Ill.

The Governor proposed a stop-gap spending plan that would fully fund state government operations through January 2017 and fund Illinois schools.

Rauner was joined by county leaders, legislators and state administrators.

"We're at a key turning point in Illinois' history right now," Rauner said. "Yesterday, the Spring session of the General Assembly ended and it ended it stunning failure."

Rauner said state lawmakers failed to pass a balanced budget and necessary reforms.

"We've got to stop this," he said. "The tragic fact is Speaker Madigan and his Democrats have controlled the General Assembly for more than 30 years."

"In those 30 years, we have the highest deficits, debt, [and] unfunded pension liabilities in America thanks to their policies," Rauner continued. "We have the highest unemployment rate in America here in Illinois and we are setting records for number of people leaving the state."

The governor went on to say Illinois has the highest property tax and corruption in America because of the Democratic controlled General Assembly.

"We have got to change direction," Rauner said.

Since Rauner took office he has pushed for reform through his "Turnaround Agenda" to the states pension system, property tax, and term limits for elected officials.

Governor Rauner made a stop at the Alton Mental Health Center in Alton, Ill. earlier in the day. June marks 11 months that Illinois has operated without a formal state budget.

The governor also met with Johnson and Saline County community leaders.

In a press release on Wednesday, Senator Gary Forby said he was disappointed the governor's news conference was to announce jobs for southern Illinois.

He released the following statement:

"I was hoping the governor was coming to Southern Illinois to tell us he is going to reopen the Hardin County Work Camp and help put Southern Illinois back to work. I guess not. What Southern Illinois needs is more jobs, not more Rauner news conferences. I work for the people of Southern Illinois and my biggest initiative is to bring jobs back to the region. I would think this is something the governor could get on board with."

Democrats who control both chambers of the Legislature spent the last chaotic hours of the session on Tuesday trying to rush bills to the finish line and failed to come up with a viable budget proposal.

The Senate overwhelmingly rejected the House's $40 billion budget plan that was out-of-balance by $7 billion. Shortly thereafter, the House returned the favor and defeated the Senate's $16 billion education budget by a large margin.

Democrats say they'll work with Rauner to find a short-term budget that gets the state to the end of the year. Rauner called the session a "stunning failure."

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