Park authorities urge safety after rainfall at Wappapello Lake

Park authorities urge safety after rainfall at Wappapello Lake

LAKE WAPPAPELLO, MO (KFVS) - When you are out on the water having fun, remember - safety first!

Jennifer Morse, a park ranger at Wappapello Lake tells us so far they haven't had any incidents this Memorial Day Weekend. But that could change in an instant.

Due to the recent rainfall, Wappapello Lake is up 13 feet and has closed all three public beaches due to flooding.

While they are seeing a shortfall in people at the lake swimming, they have seen a lot of others boating on the waters instead.

Morse said it is important to wear your life jacket and at least have one jacket on the boat per person. It's also safe to bring a whistle or air horn in the case if anyone needs any help.

With the high waters on the lake, Morse said there is a lot of debris in the water that normally isn't here.

Morse said that with the high water, there is the danger of people hitting debris while boating. Also there is the danger of debris or things in the water just below the surface that people won't be able to see but could still hit.

Morse said it's great to have fun with the family out on the water but it's important you think safety first and prepare yourself if you get caught in an emergency situation.

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