Southern IL hotel owner worries power plant closures will affect business

Southern IL hotel owner worries power plant closures will affect business

BALDWIN, ILLINOIS (KFVS) - A Southern Illinois business owner is worried about how the recent coal power plant closures will affect his business.

Houston-based Dynegy announced Tuesday it will shutter two coal-fired units at its Baldwin Power Station and one coal-fired unit at Newton Power Station over the next year.

Michael Turnure, 58, has owned and operated the K-River Motel and Campgrounds in Baldwin, Ill. for 13 years.

"When I bought this thing, I had to gut it and rebuild it," Turnure said.

Since then he said he's thrived on business mostly from the nearby Dynegy coal burning power plant.

"When I started this, I started out with nothing. Lets hope I don't end up with nothing," Turnure said.

"The restaurants, the convenient stores... I mean everybody is affected."

His first customer was a Dynegy maintenance worker.

"They had a maintenance outage and somehow, some guy named Larry Brown decided to come here and next thing you know I was completely packed. And I asked him, 'How'd you find me?' Because I wasn't on the internet or anything. And he said 'Well, Larry Brown's truck was here. And if Larry Brown stayed here it's good enough for me.'"

Turnure also mentioned how his business has taken a hit when the Sparta World Shooting Complex closed during the Illinois budget impasse. The complex has partially reopened for special events.

"When you lose two things at one time, I'm out in the middle of nowhere. So, where do you go?"

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