Miner police utilizing Facebook to serve warrants

Miner police utilizing Facebook to serve warrants
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

MINER, MO (KFVS) - If you have an outstanding warrant in the city of Miner, you may see your picture pop up in a wanted poster on Facebook.

The Miner Police Department says it will now utilize the social networking site to aid in tracking down people they are looking to arrest.

Miner Chief Chris Griggs said it's just another way to use the power of social media.

"We can be aggressive with social media as well as be aggressive with physically trying to serve these warrants," Griggs said. "At this day in time, it seems that social media is a great tool for everybody."

Police will post warrant information to the Miner Police Department Facebook page, with a most current photograph and will ask people to share the post to spread the word.

So far, Griggs said it is working.

The initiative's first post, looking for a woman charged with stealing, received more than 300 shares in less than a day.

"What we find to be very difficult is addresses change so much, phone numbers change so much. People they come and go," Griggs said. "But with social media you can have a Facebook in California and still have a warrant in the city of Miner. And the word does get around."

The chief said they will focus on posting municipal warrants.

He said it is a two-fold approach. Either the wanted person could see the post and come forward, or someone may provide information on the whereabouts of that person.

Griggs said police will only post a few warrants at a time and will update them accordingly.

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