Perryville woman cycling for sex-trafficking awareness hit by car in FL

Perryville woman cycling for sex-trafficking awareness hit by car in FL
Published: Mar. 9, 2016 at 10:53 PM CST|Updated: Apr. 12, 2016 at 7:13 PM CDT
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(Source: Revolution of Love/Facebook)
(Source: Revolution of Love/Facebook)
(Courtesy of the Harmon family)
(Courtesy of the Harmon family)
(Courtesy of the Harmon family)
(Courtesy of the Harmon family)
(Courtesy of the Harmon family)
(Courtesy of the Harmon family)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - One Heartland woman who set out on a 13,000 mile cycling trip back in March to help raise awareness on sex-trafficking was struck by a car in Florida while on her journey.

Hannah Harmon, 21, from Perryville, was making a left turn when a driver struck her while she was cycling. Harmon said it was an honest accident and that the driver went with her to the hospital and even is helping pay for her bike repairs.

Her parents are even traveling from Missouri to be with her during her recovery.

Harmon announced her 13,000 mile endeavor back in March.

Her goal: to raise awareness and money for victims of sex trafficking.

The U.S. State department said hundreds of thousands of people are victims of sex-trafficking every year.

Harmon said she is making it her life's mission to help raise awareness on the issue.

"While I have the freedom to ride my bike 13,000 miles I just want to be the voice for those who are silently suffering," she said.

It's a passion realized for the 21-year-old when she was on a mission trip to Romania.

She found herself helping an organization build a home for women rescued from prostitution.

"I just had this idea, it's like a light bulb turned on in my head and I was like I don't have a bike but I'll just ride a bike to Los Angeles when I get home and raise money for your organization," Harmon said.

Harmon wasn't a cyclist before this, but started working at Cyclewerx in Cape Girardeau so she could learn as much as she could before starting her trip.

She's calling it a "Revolution of Love" and planning it with the help of her mother, Kim Harmon.

"Well at first we were nervous… she's always kinda been this way. We're still scared, but I pray a lot," Kim said.

Harmon plans to make stops in 37 states relying on churches and passing along her message wherever she can.

A message that is painfully close to her heart.

Someone close to her was a victim.

"She was trafficked, and three years ago she committed suicide, and none of us knew that. And had we known something about human trafficking at that point I believe that we could have done something," Harmon said.

"It was like part of her died inside, and she doesn't want it to happen to anyone else," her mother said.

But with this heavy loss, she's found her life's passion.

"I'm thankful that her death has opened our eyes and that we will be able to hopefully help other families and other people. Who are experiencing that same thing," Harmon said.

She started her trip in Jackson and is making an entire loop around the United States.

Harmon said despite the accident, she has no plans to stop her trip, but said she will rest for a few days.

If you would like to donate or help Hannah as she continues her journey, please visit her Gofundme page.

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