Marion Animal Shelter under quarantine due to mild parvovirus detected

Marion Animal Shelter under quarantine due to mild parvovirus detected

MARION, IL (KFVS) - A mild form of the parvovirus has made its way into the Marion Animal shelter, and animal control officers have placed the facility under quarantine.

Two dogs were tested slightly positive for parvovirus on February 25th.

They say there are different strengths to the virus.

Although this was a very mild case, and animal control officers say both dogs will be fine, it's something officers didn't want to take lightly, due to the severity this virus can have on animals.

"It's basically like a bubonic plague for dogs virus," animal control officer, Kevin Askew said. "It's extremely deadly, but fortunately it's the old version which basically gives some irritation to the stomach lining."

The shelter stated it will not be adopting or rescuing any dogs out until after March 8th due to being under quarantine.

"And that just assures that from the time that we've noticed these two and done the tests, that gives 7 to 10 days for any other dogs that may show signs, we can get them quarantined also," Askew said. "So far everybody's clear.

Animal control officers say they found out about the parvovirus when one was getting neutered, and said even the vets were shocked because of how energetic the dogs were, something that usually isn't seen when a dog contracts the virus.

Askew says the way dogs greet each other could transmit the virus if one is infected.

"If an animal that's showing first signs of it, another one comes along, sniffs or what dogs do to deification of another animal, then they can contract it," he said.

The shelter stated although it will not be adopting or rescuing any dogs out until next week, they will still be taking animals in; placing them in a sterile environment.

Animal control officer, Frankie Hoyle says when it comes to the parvovirus, there are common symptoms to look out for.

"Diarrhea, bloody stool, vomiting, they're lethargic, they're not drinking, just laying around, just not acting normal, take them and get them checked," she said.

She says the puppies and older dogs are most susceptible to the virus.

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