Cairo, IL native wins Grammy as family, friends cheer him on

Cairo, IL native wins Grammy as family, friends cheer him on

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - A Cairo, Illinois native, Christopher Jackson, won a Grammy award on Monday for his work on the musical theater album Hamilton.

Jackson's mother, Jane Adams, said since he was three-years-old it's been in him to perform.

"He knew from the time he was young, he knew he would perform," Adams said.

Multiple Cairo community members showed support for their friend and said they're not surprised by his success.

"We saw something in him, he did choir here at the school… band, theater, even Reverend Potts' church is up the street he actually did plays and stuff for them," said Orlando Matthews, one of Jackson's former classmates.

After Jackson moved away from Cairo, Reverend Larry Potts and others continued to follow his rise to fame. In fact, they even traveled all the way to New York to see him perform in "The Lion King."

"When he landed on the stage our kids just erupted, the yell, untypical, of a Broadway crowd, that part ended, and they all went backstage," Reverend Potter said. "The rest of the cast said, 'who is that out there?' and he said, just my family, but they were all his peers. They had known him, grown up with him."

Reverend Potts said Jackson's road to Broadway wasn't easy. He remembers a respectful young man working three jobs to make ends meet.

Now, Jackson's former classmate said he hopes this success sends a positive message to the children growing up in his hometown.

"I just want to let our children know that dreams come true from even a small town like this, dreams do come true," Matthews said. "Whatever you set your mind to, you set a foundation, you can obtain and reach all of your goals."

On the Hamilton Broadway website, they say tickets are "extremely limited."

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