High school students set to graduate college before graduation

High school students set to graduate college before graduation

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Twenty students at Farmington High School are ahead of the game.

"When they walk across the stage for high school graduation they already have their associates degree," said Farmington High School Principal Dr. Nathan Hostetler. "They are technically eligible to be a substitute teacher at the high school where they are currently attending."

Taylor Berghaus and Katie Scism are two of them.

"I think it will be really cool to have graduated college before my high school graduation," Berghaus said.

"When you tell people that you are going to be graduating high school with sixty-four college credits – they're amazed," Scism said.

This is made possible through the high school's partnership with Mineral Area College.

Students can earn half of the credits needed towards a bachelor's degree for a discounted price.

The program is helping both of them focus on where they want their lives to go.

"I think I want to expand on that to be a doctor, but I don't know which field yet," Scism said.

"I'm thinking about being an engineer," said Berghaus.

The women in charge of the program say they are proud of them all.

"They are the ones doing the work. They are the ones putting forth the time and the energy and sacrifices," said Julie Downs the Dual Credit Coordinator at Mineral Area College.

"If it's a parent driven thing it doesn't work. If it's a student driven - I want to do this because I want to do it for me - then it works.
Both the teens say they are doing it for their future," said Andrea Richardson the Farmington High School College Programs Director.

Katie will be attending Ole Miss next fall and Taylor was accepted to University of Missouri S&T.

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