Tips: How to freeze your child's social security number

Tips: How to freeze your child's social security number

(KFVS) - Starting on January 1, more states are tackling the issue of credit card fraud by protecting the youngest possible victims.

You can actually take steps to freeze your child's social security number.

It can be a very lengthy process, but Joey Keys with Better Business Bureau said it's the best thing a parent can do to prevent it from happening to their child.

"Children definitely make targets for identity thieves mainly because they have no credit history at the time and if it is stolen it goes undetected for years," Keys said.

Keys said identity thieves target children all the time.

"It definitely does happen frequently," he said. "Thieves know they are susceptible to taking the identity from the children that way the parents might not be aware of this to check for it."

In fact, the BBB reports children are targeted 35 times more often than adults, with the youngest case being just 1 month old.

So, how can you protect your child's credit?

  1. Freeze it - Contact the three main creditors and submit request. It costs $10 Illinois & Kentucky and $5 in Missouri.
  2. Monitor it - Make sure you check your children credit report as frequently as you check your own.
  3. Keep an eye out for unexpected mail. If you see statements or additional information requested from creditors, that should raise a red flag.

"It can go unnoticed for quite some time and by that point it can rack up some major damage to your child's credit report," Keys said.

Keys said if your child's credit is compromised, it's better to know now than later.

"Any time your credit is compromised, it can be a very lengthy process to clear up all the damage that has been done," he said.

To start the process of freezing you or your child's account contact.

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