Does It Work: TouCan

Does It Work: TouCan

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do you have trouble turning manual can openers due, or do you just want an easier way to open canned goods?

A product called TouCan claims to be the answer to your kitchen tool dilemma, but Does It Work?

To test this product, we turned to Jessica King of Cape Girardeau.

King said she hopes Santa Clause brings her a new can opener for Christmas as her old hand turn model has worn out.

"Recently it just started getting stuck and it takes me a lot longer to open it, and I have to take it off and put it back on again," said King.

TouCan claims to be the "world's easiest hands-free can opener," and King was eager to see what it can do.

"It says you can open jars even easily and you can open bottle caps and even regular cans. So I'm interested to see how it does," said King.

After removing TouCan from the box, we installed four AA batteries (not included) to power the device. King said the batteries made the can opener heavier than she thought it would be.

"The size isn't bad compared to this one," said King referencing her old standard manual can opener. "It's about the same size; just a little heavier."

King found TouCan fit in her utensil drawer, and was pleased it wouldn't take up space on her counter top like a traditional power can opener.

We put TouCan to the test opening four different sized cans. The device did slice through the metal tops no problem, but the so-called "strong on-board magnet" didn't cling to or remove a single lid. King had to remove all four tops by hand.

"It doesn't have sharp edges or anything," said King. "It's a nice clean cut."

King also tested out the TouCan's claims that the product can pop bottle tops, loosen can lids and remove pull-tab lids.

"Okay, we've opened everything," King said.

King said she was pleased with everything the TouCan can do, except for the not-so-strong magnet and the noise.

"It was a little bit noisier than I expected," King said.

Still, King gave TouCan 4 Stars on this Does It Work test.

We found TouCan for $19.99 at Walgreens.

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