Carbondale PD offers tips to help prevent home invasions

Carbondale PD offers tips to help prevent home invasions

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Carbondale Police Department has released a list of helpful tips and tricks to ensure that residents' homes are safe from burglars this holiday season.

The release includes tips regarding what to do to guard against would-be burglars while at and away from home.

You can burglar-proof your house while away by following the steps outlined by Carbondale police, including making sure your windows and doors are locked securely, and leaving lights or electronics on or setting them on timers to give the illusion that someone is present.

Also, arrange for someone you trust to gather your mail, keep your lawn manicured, and check to make sure all is well at your place of residence.

Likewise, you can secure your residence from the comfort of your own home by following steps such as keeping doors and windows locked when not in use, never letting strangers inside, and keeping items of value out of sight from outside your home.

Police also warn residents to be wary of solicitors, as many would-be burglars could pose as door-to-door salesmen.

In addition to these tips, Carbondale police offer a House Watch Program in which officers will routinely patrol around and keep watch over homes.

You can sign up for the program, as well as find more tips to guard against burglars, by visiting the department's website at

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