Paranormal investigators say Ste. Genevieve couple is living with ghosts

STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KFVS) - Bob and Stacy Browne live in a historic Ste. Genevieve home and claim to have encounters with ghosts on a regular basis.

Whether it's items around the house mysteriously moved or a suspicious tug on their pant leg, Bob and Stacey Browne say they've been living with ghosts for years.

"When it happens to you over and over and you hear it and see it, no it's happening," Bob Browne said.

The couple claims it's all tied to their home's storied past.

Historical records show that in 1805 the home served as an office and living space to one of Ste. Genevieve's first surgeons, Dr. Walter Fenwick.

He was eventually laid to rest in a cemetery across the street from the home.

Browne said the doctor's and others' spirits remain in the house to this day.

After reading our story online, a group of ghost hunters from St. Louis wanted to check out the Browne's claims for themselves.

"I thought this would be a great experience," head investigator Dawn Mooney said. "I'd love to see what's going on there for ourselves."

Mooney and her team of professional paranormal investigators are part of the TAPS family of investigators. They work under the same standards as popular reality TV show ghost hunters do.

One Saturday in early November, Mooney and her team made the trip to Ste. Genevieve to spend the night in the Browne's home.

"We don't really go into it expecting anything. Sometimes these are up to eight hours depending on what's going on," Mooney said. "You might not physically see or hear anything."

They used cameras, energy sensors, and other specialized equipment to see if the spirits could be documented.

They left with hundreds of hours of video and audio recordings.

The best evidence, Mooney said, came from what's known as a spirit box, or a transistor radio that produces constant static, which she said ghosts communicate through.

When in the Browne's basement, investigators say a spirit revealed its name to them through spirit box as Peter Johnson.

Historical records show a Peter Johnson did live in Ste. Genevieve in 1810.

In fact, he holds the title as the first man to be hanged in the county for murder. His remains were given to Dr. Fenwick for scientific research and likely operated on in the same house the Browne's live in today.

"It's not just somebody telling you that such and such happened at the home before or this person passed away or you heard that this happened at the house," Mooney said. "This is actually documented in historical records. It's so significant, it's just like part of the Holy Grail for us as far as evidences goes."

Bring on the paranormal activity, Browne said.

"It doesn't bother us none," Browne said.

For Mooney and her team, there's no doubt this home has some permanent residents.

Mooney said this is one of the more active homes she's been to. So much so she already has plans to go back to do some more investigating.

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