IL governor releasing billions

IL governor releasing billions

(KFVS) - On Monday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill that releases billions of dollars to local governments.

The Governor signed the Bill SB2039 into law just hours after it was passed unanimously in the state Senate on Monday and in the House last week.

The bill will release billions of dollars in already-collected tax revenue from motor fuel, cell phone calls and from other local governments.

Illinois Comptroller Lisa Geissler Munger said the legislation will allow her office to process payments for local governments, 911 emergency phone services, Lottery winners and domestic violence shelters.

In a statement Monday, the comptroller wrote that domestic violence shelters would receive priority payments.

"I am committed to ensuring these organizations and local governments are paid promptly so they can avoid further hardship," Munger said in a statement.

She went on to say the state's General Revenue Fund has reached a backlog of $7 billion dollars.

Munger noted that payments for local governments, 911 services, and the Lottery can be made swiftly because the necessary dollars are set aside in independent state funds dedicated to those purposes. However, domestic violence shelter payments come from the state's General Revenue Fund, which currently has a nearly $7 billion bill backlog.

Shelters can contact the Illinois budget hotline at 1-855-IL-ASK-US for more payment information.

The comptroller applauded the general assembly and the Governor for reaching an agreement and encouraged legislators to continue building momentum.

She applauded the General Assembly and Governor for reaching an agreement on the newly authorized funding, and encouraged all involved to build on that momentum.

"This legislation shows what is possible when leaders come together and put Illinois first," Munger said. "I am hopeful that we will now take the next step by passing a comprehensive balanced budget with structural changes that allow us to grow our economy and put people back to work so that we can fund critical services."

Some highway departments in Illinois have been struggling through the budget impasse. The Massac County, Illinois Highway Department drew out a plan in case funds weren't released by January 1 that would lay off four/fifths of its staff.

December marks the sixth month Illinois has operated without a budget.

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