Survey: More patients avoiding healthcare due to rising prices

Survey: More patients avoiding healthcare due to rising prices

(KFVS) - Many people with health problems are avoiding the doctor because of high healthcare costs.

more than one-third of low-wealth Americans report they didn't seek care or get a prescription filled because of steep co-payments.

Four out of five of those individuals were required to pay a deductible, which has steadily risen over the last five years.

In 2009, people on average paid $900 a year in deductibles alone, while the average for 2015 is $1,300.

"I guess it's just the fear of how much it's going to cost you, and not being able to pay your other bills." explained Marble Hill resident Mark Welker on Sunday, "Something's going to have to give, and usually it seems to be your health first, just to make ends meet for everything else."

"I think it's something that we're facing more of." Explained Southeast Health Chief Medical Officer Matt Shoemaker, "The patients are facing pressure from the insurance industry, and to be able to afford the premiums, they're having to go with higher deductible plans."

Shoemaker also says the "healthcare industry as a whole has not done a very good job of keeping costs down in recent years."

A separate analysis Conducted in September by the Kaiser Foundation appears to back that claim; it revealed the average price of a healthcare deductible rose more than 6-times faster than a typical worker's earnings since 2010.