Heartland police, residents react to St. Louis Amber Alert hoax

Police react to false Amber Alert out of St. Louis

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - An Amber Alert about an abduction, later determined to be unfounded, in St. Louis on Thursday has everyone happy nothing happened to the child, but frustrated by the young mom many say abused the resource.

"I don't think it's something to joke around or play with," Megan Kistner said.

Kistner said she received the Amber Alert on her phone and was completely shocked when she found out it was all a hoax.

"I don't think that's something to play around with, there are actually abductions that happen where we really need to get that out quick on social media," she said.

Authorities found 23-year-old Diana Berrios-Pimentel and her 1-year-old son at a truck stop in Nashville after police in St. Louis issue the Amber Alert.

According to police, she admitted lying about being abducted to get away from family in St. Louis.

Backlash against the young mom quickly followed.

Cape Girardeau Police Sergeant Adam Glueck said the process to issue an Amber Alert is very detailed.

"We're not going to send out that amber alert immediately, unless we have credible evidence immediately," Glueck said.

Glueck said the goal is to find out all the information before putting the community on high alert.

"We try to figure that stuff out ahead of time before we send out those alerts, if possible, but sometimes we're not always able to do that and like you said it may end up being a hoax," he said.

St. Louis police say Berrios-Pimentel will not be charged for this incident. Kistner tells me she disagrees with that decision.

"She should be charged with filing a false police report," Kistner said. "It makes it tough for people in the future to want to share or believe, but some people may hesitate to share it in the future."

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