Paducah police hand out 'cop collectibles' to build community relations

Pre-schoolers respond to 'cop collectibles' in Paducah

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The Paducah Police Department is hoping to building strong relationships with children in the area in a unique way, through cards.

They're called "cop collectibles" and they're similar to baseball cards.

Officer Gretchen Morgan said the department is hoping children can get to know the people behind the badge.

"We want them to know that they can trust us and ask us questions," she said. "Because lot of times in the media, and on TV, officers are kind of scary, and they're afraid of us or might not want to come to us. And we want them to know that they can do that."

Paducah Headstart funded this for the police department.

"We wanted to encourage the kiddos to go up to a police officer and say hello so they know that the officers are their friends," Headstart Director, Kristy Lewis said. "They'll have an ID, a photo, that they can carry around."

There are a total of 80 cards with an officer's name and picture on the front and a little information about the officer on the back.

"We think this is going to be great for our children and families, to not only know the police officers are there to support and to assist them, but to see it," Lewis said.

The Paducah Police Department stated on its Facebook page reminding people not to approach officers when they are on a traffic stop, investigating a collision, or similarly involved in other duties, for they may be dangerous situations.

Starting on the November 1, the Paducah Police Dept., The Station Burger Burger Co. and the Paducah Public Schools have teamed up to hold a contest for children to see who can collect the most cards up until December 1st.
It's called "Challenge Cop Collectibles."
On December 5th, children are encouraged to bring their card collection to Station Burger- Southside location. Duplicates do not count.

For more information, you can check out the police department's Facebook page.

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