3 things to consider if changing Medicare plan

3 things to consider if changing Medicare plan

MISSOURI (KFVS) - Right now is the only time of year when Medicare beneficiaries can change their coverage.

Open enrollment is the time when Medicare patients can change their Part-D prescription drug plans or their Medicare Advantage plans.

The open enrollment closes on Dec. 7. Any changes will go into effect on the first day of next year. That process can by confusing, but missouriclaim.org says there are several things to consider if you need to change your plan.

First, check out the costs and benefits of the different plans. You might be paying for a feature that you don't need.

Next, check out a plan other than the one your're currently using.

Finally, check to see if there are any plans that can help lower the cost of your Medicaid program.

If you have any questions, you can visit your area Social Security Office or the East Missouri Action Agency.

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