Researchers: Hackers are focusing on small colleges

Researchers: Hackers targeting small colleges

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - According to researchers, hackers are focusing on small colleges because their lack of IT professionals.

The Three Rivers College IT Team said potential hackers may have their eyes set on smaller colleges, but they're not going to allow them to get that far.

"If something does get in we take immediate action, we isolate the problem and deal with it accordingly," Jesse Vaughn, Network Administrator said.

He said fighting off hackers is something his team has to worry about all too often.

"Constantly, there's bots that scour, we're constantly taking security very seriously monitoring firewall, event logs, and things like that," he said.

To take even more precaution, Vaughn and his team send out fake emails to students to see how they will respond.

"We will randomly send out an email like UPS packing or something along that line," Vaughn said. "When people click on it, we're immediately notified who clicked on it and then we set up training for those individuals."

Freshman Zachary Inman said knowing that hackers are targeting small colleges makes him worry if his school is next.

"It really concerns me about this for the sake of all students," Inman said.

He said his biggest concern is his school issued debit cards that holds a lot of his information.

"Most of us we take that card and if we go to work we use that to get out money," he said. "If hackers are targeting smaller colleges they can get that information and drain our accounts."

Though the threats are there, Vaughn said they will continue making sure the Three Rivers College network stays safe.

"The name of the game is educating end user and being proactive, but also know when to be completely reactive and take action and mitigate those threats," he said.

Vaughn said his team go through regular training making sure they are aware of any new threats.

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