Formula finds music's most feel good song

Formula finds music's most feel good song

(KFVS) - Music can be powerful medicine for battling the blues, and an expert in neuroscience and emotions has found the ultimate prescription.

Dr. Jacob Jolij, an associate professor at the University of Groningen in Holland, sifted through more than 120 songs released in the last five decades to find a formula to explain why certain tunes bring a smile to people's faces.

The research, commissioned by Irish retailer Argos, found Queen's 1978 song "Don't Stop Me Now" to be the top feel good song of the last 50 years.

Dr. Jolij found the key components of a feel good song are high tempo, a major third key and holiday-themed lyrics.

"A feel good song is very personal," Dr. Jolij said. "Music is intimately linked with memory and emotion, and these associations strongly determine whether a song will put you in a good mood or not."

The study found 45 percent of Irish people use music to lift their mood and 77 percent used music as motivation. Using the formula, Alba, a tech brand owned by Argos, worked with Dr. Jolij to unveil a top 10 list of feel good tunes from the last 50 years.

  1. Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen) 1978
  2. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) 1982
  3. Dancing Queen (Abba) 1976
  4. I will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) 1978
  5. Uptown Girl (Billie Joel) 1983
  6. Living on a Prayer (Jon Bon Jovi) 1986
  7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) 1983
  8. I’m a Believer (The Monkeys) 1967
  9. Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves) 1983
  10. The Boys are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy) 1976

Alba used the findings from Dr. Joli's research to create a Spotify playlist of the most popular feel good songs from each decade. Below is a list of the number one songs:

Decade        Top Feel Good Song

10s             Happy (Pharrell Williams)

00s             I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

90s             Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams)

80s             Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

70s            Don't Stop Me Now (Queen)

60s            I'm a Believer (The Monkeys)

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