Does It Work: Furniture Feet

ORAN, MO (KFVS) - Does your furniture scuff up your floor and squeak when you move it? This week's Does It Work product claims to stop the noise and protect your floors.

Furniture Feet claim to be "amazing furniture boots that slide onto virtually any stool, table leg or chair so it can slide across the floor ending the scratched floor nightmare."

Sierra Archie of Oran said her kitchen chairs can get pretty obnoxious when she has to move them.

"They're so loud and they bang really bad too," Archie said.

So she's excited to see what Furniture Feet can do. Archie first tries out furniture feet on her kitchen chairs, but they don't go on easily.

The Furniture Feet package says the small size feet fit on any shape leg that is between 7/8 inch and 1 ¼ inch diameter. We measure the chair legs, and yes, Archie's chair legs are 1 ¼ inch diameter square – so they should fit. But they don't.

We stretch the Furniture feet over the chair legs and manage to somewhat get them on the ends.

"I think this is as good as it's gonna get," Archie said.

With all four feet sort of in place, the chair did slide without scratching the floor or screeching, but the plastic of Furniture Feet bowed under the weight of the chair and didn't seem very stable.

"It's a little wobbly," said Archie.

When Photographer Robert Foote took a seat (because he was the only one brave enough to sit in the wobbly chair) Furniture Feet tripped up even more. One of the front Furniture feet popped right off.

We don't want to give up just yet, so Archie suggests trying Furniture Feet on her sewing table that has smaller square feet. Even though the feet are just a little over one-inch square Archie still has a hard time getting each Furniture Foot in place.

"It's a little tight and king of hard to do," said Archie.

The commercial for Furniture Feet claims it's so easy all you have to do is "push, slide and glide. We found it wasn't as easy as advertised.

After several minutes of struggle, Archie finally got all four Furniture Feet in place, sort of.

"That's a little lopsided," said Archie.

Again – Furniture Feet did stop the noise and protect the floor, but Archie still wasn't impressed.

"It says it can fit anything - chairs, stools, tables, couches and more, but we have a sewing table and couldn't even get them on all the way and they're lopsided," said Archie.

Archie gives Furniture Feet two stars on this Does It Work Test.

We purchased our 16-piece value pack of Furniture Feet for $10 at Walmart.

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