Cape Girardeau man breaks world record in gyrocopter

Cape Girardeau man is now world record holder
Current world record holder Paul Salmon (shown left) and former world record holder Andy Keech (shown right)
Current world record holder Paul Salmon (shown left) and former world record holder Andy Keech (shown right)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau man is now a world record holder after he flew a gyroplane from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again.

"It's very much like riding a motorcycle in the sky," explained emergency room physician Paul Salmon. "They're like a little magic carpet…you really have the sensation of flying when you're in the aircraft, and some people may like that a little less and more."

Salmon left last Sunday, for the 4,200 mile round-trip journey.

The feat was originally attempted and failed by Amelia Earhart and set by Johnny Miller in 1931.

The latest record was held by Andy Keech of San Diego with a time of about 19 days.

"I did the same trip." Salmon explained. "I started in the West Coast and went east, then from the east coast back to the West Coast, and I completed it in three days, four hours, and 30 minutes."

Salmon says even he was surprised by his headway.

"I got lucky," he said on Sunday," Every time I needed a break I got one, so I was able to make the trip pretty quickly, so it'll be a tough record to beat.

While on the West Coast, he met up with Keech for lunch.

"We both share a unique obsession," Salmon said. "So we just sat there and talked gyroplane all afternoon. Aviation is something that I enjoyed ever since I was a little kid. I've always loved flying, and anybody that wants to take a ride in the gyro... This is the one I set the record with, and it's got a backseat!"

Salmon said he took 100 American flags with him on the journey, which he plans to sell online to raise money for ALS.

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