Controversy continues over 'extreme haunted house' coming to small IL town

Controversy surrounds 'extreme haunted house'
Published: Jul. 22, 2015 at 4:06 AM CDT
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Controversy continues over the possibility of an extreme haunted house making its way from California to Southern Illinois.

Heartland News reported Friday that Russ McKamey has plans to bring his haunted attraction, McKamey Manor, to McLeansboro, Ill.

Since then the proposed building at the corner of Cherry and Pearl street has been vandalized and people have been found praying on the sidewalk in front of the building.

Police were called to the building Tuesday after the building owner, Patricia Irvin, found the front window broken.

A McLeansboro resident that lives nearby, Beth Casteel, lives just a few houses down from the building and says she doesn't want anything in the area that would draw a crowd

"Even if it happens at night." Casteel said ."My kids will not be able to come outside because I don't know what kind of people it's going to be around and I just don't trust anybody."

Project organizer Wendy Lowery is calling the recent backlash unfair.

"It's ridiculous," Lowery said. "You know we're just trying to do something good for our community."

McLeansboro native Dale Biggerstaff said he doesn't condone vandalism. He doesn't think McKamey Manor is good anywhere.

"To me it's just something that just pushes to far the border of inhumane and torcher," Bigger staff said.

The building owner said she has since upped security at the building and is monitoring it closely.

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