Street flooding in McCracken County and more rain for the Heartland expected

Updated: Jul. 7, 2015 at 7:21 AM CDT
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Expect another steamy day, and a shower or two. Meteorologist Brian Alworth says when it comes to those showers “spotty” is the word. Small storms will pop up all over, so they’ll be hard to predict. You can keep track of where they are with the First Alert Interactive Radar online or on the KFVS Weather App.
And some of those showers have been extreme causing street flooding in Paducah and around McCracken County, KY.
Here are the stories making headlines this Tuesday, July 07, 2015:

Carbondale bans gaming businesses on the strip: Carly O’Keefe was in Carbondale live this morning on this story. The city council voted to restrict issuing "stand-alone" video gaming licenses for establishments in the city's primary business district.
One dead in ice cave collapse: A popular tourist destination in Washington State becomes a death trap when chunks of ice falls on people inside a frozen cave. 
Bill Cosby testimony unsealed: The comedian admits giving sedatives to at least one of the women accusing him of sexual assault.

Deadly first day for running of the bulls: 2 Americans are among those gored by bulls during the annual event in Pomplona, Spain.
Bear breaks glass at zoo: ICYMI this is an incredible story. A grizzly bear takes a rock and breaks the glass that lets people look into its zoo enclosure.
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