Riders travel through MO for children who lost loved ones in war

American Legion riders travel through MO for children who lost loved ones to war

MISSOURI (KFVS) - One hundred twenty American Legion riders are riding nearly 900 miles in Missouri.

This is all part of a legacy run to raise money for the Legacy Scholarship Fund which was created after 9/11 for children whose military parent was killed in the war.

The fund provides college scholarship money for these children. This is the first year riders in Missouri have participated. They started at Independence, Mo. and are looping through the state to Jefferson City.

The riders made a pit stop in Sikeston on Saturday afternoon. As they made their way to the American Legion building for lunch, they were welcomed by many holding flags along the street.

While there, they shared many stories of how so many communities have helped them out by recognizing them.

One particular story brought tears to many as the group was approached by a fireman in Sedalia, Mo.

The firefighter asked the riders if they could come ride by an event for a girl that was very sick. The riders gathered together and not only visited the girl but emptied their pockets and gave her over $400 to help out.

After stories were shared at the Sikeston American Legion Post building, the group was presented a check of $13,320 from donations gathered by the American Legion in Sikeston for their cause.

So far, the group has accumulated over $17,000 from this trip for the legacy scholarship.

After Sikeston, riders headed up to Cape Girardeau and Jackson for the rest of the day. They will depart from there on Sunday to Jefferson City.

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