Flooded roads in the Heartland

Water over Route 74 in Dutchtown

(KFVS) - The following is a list of flooded roads in the Heartland.


Calloway County

On Wednesday, July 2, KYTC reported KY 121 reopened, but some water remained on the road between the 3 and 4 mile marker just south of Murray. This is along KY 121 between Winchester Road and Buchanan Road in the Beechy Creek area. It is also between New Concord and the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. Keith Todd with KYTC said there are several areas near this one where heavy rain washed gravel and other debris onto the road. Crews are cleaning the debris off the road as quickly as  possible.

McCracken County

KYTC says KY 1255/Bonds Road in McCracken County is closed at the 2 mile marker due to water over the road. This is along KY 1255 near the Camp Creek Bridge just west of the KY 450/Oaks Road Intersection. They say personnel are checking other locations around the county for high water issues.

Carlisle County

KYTC says Carlisle County reports two highways closed due to flooding. KY 1820 is closed between the 1 and 3mm.


You can check out traffic advisories for the 12 counties of KYTC Highway Dist. 1 by clicking here.

Timely traffic advisories for the 11 counties of KYTC Highway Dist. 2 are available by clicking here.


Williamson County

According to the Williamson Co. EMA, the following roads are closed in the low lying areas due to water over the road. They say these roads will be reopened as the water recedes. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at 618-998-2123.

Ward's Mill Road

Canaville Road

Moake School Road

Saline River Road

Old Creal Springs Road

Jackson County

IL 3 in Chester from IL 150 south to Grimsby is closed due to flooding.

Perry County

Illinois 3 between IL 151 and Chester, Illinois (Cora Levee) is closed indefinitely due to high water created from Mississippi River flooding, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. The Cora flood gates closed at 2 p.m. Thursday.

Warning and detour signs are installed to informs of the road closure and means to get around the closure. The road will remain closed until the floodwaters recede from the area.

Du Quoin City Lake Road, east of Spruce Road in Perry County, is closed due to a washout until further notice. Repairs will be made once the water recedes in that area.

Randolph County

Kaskaskia St. near the Menard Prison is closed due to high water.

IL 3 northbound and southbound south of Water Street at St. Mary's River closed due to flooding.

IL 155 in Prairie Du Rocher from flood gates to Fort de Charter is closed due to flooding.

IL 3 Truck Bypass (Water Street) in Chester between Kaskaskia Street at IL 3 is closed due to flooding.

Randolph/Jackson County

IL 3 is closed between IL 151 in Jackson County and Chester in Randolph County due to flooding.

Marion County

North and southbound Marine-St. Jacob from Lake Rd. to Hickory Flat Rd.


Road closure information is available at www.dot.il.gov.


Cape Girardeau County

Route 177 is closed 6.64. miles after Route V and ends 7.52 miles after Route V.

Kingshighway south of Route 74 near the Diversion Channel is closed due to flooding.

CR 233 north of Allenville

CR 236 between CR 233 and Whitewater

CR 379 has water over the road

CR 525 at Neely's Landing

CR 535 north end

CR 657 (also called Old Rt. V)

CR 651 south end. Floor of bridge is 3-4 inches underwater

Approx. .5 mile east of Hwy. 25, intersection at Dutchtown on Hwy. 74 is not closed, but under 6 inches of water

Hwy. 177 in front of Ken-Co

Jefferson County

US 67 is closed 2.24 miles before Route A and ends 1.32 miles before Route MM.

Route AA is closed beginning .04 miles after Route TT and ending 1.55 miles after US 61.

Madison County

Route V is closed beginning .84 miles before Route F north and ending at Route F north.

Perry County

Route E is closed beginning 3.47 miles before Route C north and ending 1.99 miles before Route C north.

Route C is closed beginning 2.27 miles after Route P east and ending 2.61 miles after Route P east.

Route A is closed beginning 4.7 miles before Route C north and ending 3.25 miles before Route C north.

Scott County

Route E is closed beginning. .73 miles before Route N south and ending .02 miles before MO 77 south.

Ste. Genevieve County

US 61 is closed beginning 2.2 miles after Route M south and ending 3.67 miles before Route U south.

US 61 is closed beginning .34 miles after Route U north and ending .38 miles before Route H west.

Route J is closed beginning .09 miles after US 61 south and ending .03 miles before MO 19 south.

St. Francois County

Route F  is closed beginning .18 miles after Route OO south and ending 1.57 miles after Route OO south.


Current road closures are posted on the MoDOT's Traveler Information Map, located at http://www.modot.org/. The map is also available as a free app for your iPhone or Android phone or device. The majority of flooded roadways are expected on lettered and numbered routes with low traffic volumes.

MoDOT offers the following driving tips that can help avoid delays and unsafe conditions during rainy weather:

• Turn on your headlights when windshield wipers are needed. It's the law.

• Slow down, use caution, and don't use cruise control when driving in rain to avoid skidding and hydroplaning.

• Leave plenty of following distance behind the vehicle in front of yours.

• Never move or drive around barricades placed on roadways due to high water. Barricades are a warning designed to protect you from an unsafe condition. You can put yourself at serious risk if you proceed into a flooded section of road.

• If a road is closed, find another route.

• Do NOT drive into high water. Stop and turn around. Notify local police, the sheriff or the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

"Turn Around - Don't Drown" as highways become impassable. MoDOT crews will open roads after the water recedes and routes are cleared for safe travel. For more information, visit http://www.modot.org/ or contact the MoDOT Customer Service Center at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (888-275-6636).

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