Fire breaks out at Scott Co. pallet company for fourth time in eight days

Published: Jun. 13, 2015 at 4:23 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 13, 2015 at 10:07 PM CDT
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MINER, MO (KFVS) - Pallet Connection and Farms in Scott County has yet another large fire on Saturday.

This is the fourth one in just over a week.

Several fire departments on scene help containing the fire as they let it burn out. This time, several mounds of mulch is on fire.

We talked with Connection Pallet and Farms owner Karrie Casey who says this fire has never stopped since June 5th.

Casey says the company started about eight years ago. For years they burned very small pallets of wood from time to time to dispose of their excess.

About a year ago, Casey said one person called and complained about the fire. That's when the Department of Natural Resources told the company to stop burning.

Pallet Connection and Farms have been trying to work with the DNR to figure out what they could do to dispose of their extra wood.

Casey says that DNR told them to mulch it and sell it rather than dispose of it.

The mulch is what is on fire this time.

Casey tells us that she is unsure how the fire originally started on June 5th.

She believes it is spontaneous combustion since the day was so hot.

After fire fighters put out much of the fire, underneath the surface of what was extinguished was still very hot which helped reignite the fire on June 6th.

Since then, Casey says, the fire has never stopped.

Casey says they have had fires every day there because the wood and mulch have been so hot since the previous fire on June 5th.

On Tuesday, Casey hired a company to mulch the wood. Casey says mulching the wood was advised by the DNR so as not to break any laws or get fined.

While the company was there, they were spreading out the mulch and mixing dirt in with it and pushed it towards the property near the road, furthest away from neighboring homes.

"As the mulch and dirt were being spread out to reduce the threat of the fire, more small flames ignited due to the heat under the surface of the mulch," said Casey.

Casey tells us that is when the DNR told them to stop due to the small fires sparking.

Casey feels she is at a loss to contain the fires and doesn't know what she can do.

She says she does feel bad for neighbors and hopes for a lot of rain to stop the threats of the fire.

"We have already lost over $30,000 due to these fires," Casey said.

She says she is meeting with the DNR in court on Monday in hopes for some answers.

Scott Co. Rural Fire Chief Jeremy Perrien says this incident has never been small.

Perrien says after every fire they made fire breaks to stop the incident from spreading - however, after every fire, more pallets have been piled on top of the original incident.

30,000 pallets is not going to be put out in a days time," Perrien said. "f the scene would have been left alone and the firebreaks would have been left alone we would not have been there in a second time, let alone a fourth time."

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