Animal Cruelty Charges Filed for Throwing Dog off Balcony

Animal Cruelty Charges Filed for Throwing Dog off Balcony
By: Arnold Wyrick
Harrisburg, Illinois - It's almost unimaginable to think someone could actually just pick a dog up and throw off a two story balcony. But that's exactly what Saline County deputies say 21-year-old Justin Aud did early Saturday morning.
Police say Aud tossed 3-year-old Pete, a basset hound, off the balcony at the Campus Apartments near Southeastern Illinois College.
"I didn't know what to do. I've never been so mad in my life. It was the most horrific noise I've ever heard. He was just howling as loud as he could for about 20 minutes," says Rob Andres, Pete's owner.
Pete began running around the baseball field this past September. So Andres and his roommate Jake Lane took him in and made him the teams honorary mascot. A reign that just about came to end with Pete's flight over the banister in front of the boys apartment.
"I love him to death. He reminds me of an old dog I used to have. I was in shock and disturbed, confused how anybody could do that to a dog, an animal or anything. It's not right. I was very upset to say the least,"says Jake Lane.
The dog was rushed down to an animal clinic in Paducah where a team of doctors spent 2 1/2 hours Sunday afternoon piecing Pete's leg back together.
"A joint injury is a very bad injury. We put in 2 screws and 4 pins to hold everything in place. The surgery went good. And he's going to be okay. There's going to be some stiffness in the leg for a long time. And he may have to come back in for more surgeries to have some of the screws removed," says Eugene Ceglinski D.V.M. of Ceglinski Animal Clinic.
"With Pete being a short legged dog this could've been much worse. He could've fractured some ribs, punctured a lung, and that could've been fatal for him,' Ceglinski said.
But with his tail wagging, and limping along Pete made his way into the doctor's office for one final checkup before being released to his owners.
"He's got a great group of guys that are going to take good care of him when he gets home," Ceglinski said.
"We're going to have a little welcome home for him. He doesn't really like dog food, but he'll eat just about any kind of people food. So we'll have some hot dogs, and packages of Turkey for him when he gets home," Andres said.
Meanwhile, Justin Aud faces charges of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, Injuring a Domestic Animal, and Cruelty to Animals. He's got a court date with a judge in his future. If Aud is found guilty of the charges filed against him he could be sentenced from 1 year, to 3 years in prison.