Driver Crashes into Dongola Post Office

Driver Crashes into Dongola Post Office
By: Lauren Keith

Dongola, Illinois- Monday mornings can be hectic at most businesses, especially the post office, but postal workers in southern Illinois certainly had more than their average workload .

About nine o'clock Monday morning, the Dongola Postmaster claims an 83-year-old man parked his car outside the Post Office. However, when his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas pedal, his car crashed right into the post office building.

Amazingly, no one was hurt,and the postmaster says she's certainly glad everyone is okay. There's more to this story though - this isnt' the first close call Bernita Edelman has experienced as postmaster.
&About that same time was a deafening roar---and the truck came through the wall!& says postmaster Bernita Elderman, who still can't believe what happened at the Dongola Post O ffice.
She claims the small office is normally pretty quiet, and she's certainly grateful the four customers, who were in the lobby moments before the crash, didn't stick around to chat.
&There was shattered glass everywhere, debris, cement blocks everywhere. If someone would've been in the lobby, they would've been injured!& says Edelman.
After the crash, Bernita spoke to the driver. She claims he's very embarrassed and equally sorry about the whole incident.
&He said it hurt his pride a whole lot," admits Edel
After Bernita made sure the driver wasn't hurt, she immediately returned back to her job as Postmaster.
&We protected the mail and business is as usual. I just waited on people through the side door!" she s
Perhaps it's because Bernita received crisis training, or her 29 years in the postal business, that's made her so good-natured about this morning's crash.&I've been at a post office where a car landed on three collection boxes--it couldn't negotiate a curve! I've been at a post office where there was a burglary, but this is the first time where I've watched a car go through the wall right where I was standing! I'm slated to retire March 31st and I never thought I'd have to go through another accident, but this one turned out very well!& she says.
Bernita also says hours after the crash, the driver showed back up at the post office to apologize again for everything.
Meanwhile, construction crews worked through the day and successfully patched up the wall.