Mothers Speak Out Against Repeat Rape Suspect

Mothers Speak Out Against Repeat Rape Suspect
By: CJ Cassidy
New Madrid County, Missouri - 24-Year-old Darrikus Tipler sits in the New Madrid County jailaccused of sexually assaulting a young girl.

It's the second time Tipler has faced a sex charge involving a minor, in less than two years. Last April, Tipler pleaded guilty to molesting and sodomizing a nine year old girl back in June 2002.

Because Tipler spent close to two years in jail waiting to be sentenced, he was released on probation. Now he's accused of raping a 16-year-old girl.

Daniels says, "I moved out because right now, I can't even stand being in front of it now because it just makes me sick to my stomach. "

She says she'll never forget what happened inside her former home on January 16th. That's where she claims she found Tipler raping her sister.

Daniels told Heartland News, "I caught him in my house, he tried to take me so I stabbed him.

Daniels blames herself for the incident, because she was dating Tipler at the time of the alleged attack. After recovering from stab wounds in a local hospital, Tipler now faces statutory rape charges, But Daniels and this woman, Rutha Stanford, say the attack could have been prevented.

Tipler pleaded guilty to sodomizing Stanford's nine-year-old daughter, but spent less than two years in jail. Tipler was released on probation last April.

Standford says, "He shouldn't have been out to do that again to nobody else anyway. I was just hoping her little sister's alright. "

Now, with Stanford at her side to offer her moral support, Daniels says she hopes Darrikus Tipler pays for his crimes this time around. "These are god's children. God doesn't like ugly. He doesn't like ugly at all," Daniels says.

Tipler sits in the New Madrid County jail on $50,000 bond.