Virus could be mistaken for allergy symptoms

Allergy symptoms could be something else

(KFVS) - Experts are calling this allergy season one of the worst in recent memory.

For anyone who finds themselves sneezing or congested, you're not alone.

But those symptoms could be a sign of something worse.

Experts say a wet winter and dry spring has created the perfect storm for allergies; and people are feeling the wrath of plants in bloom.

"I mean a lot more folks are coming in with unbearable allergies whereas they may have said well I'm just having a bad six weeks, now they're saying I'm having sinus infections, nasal obstructions, that's just not being controlled with a typical antihistamine," said Otolaryngologist Dr. Adam Morgan.

For Lacy Sanford, this year has resurrected allergies she hasn't experienced since she was a kid.

"It seemed like it was always at the end of school, but i haven't for several years," said Sanford. "And this season I've definitely seen the affects of allergies."

But don't just assume your symptoms are allergy related.

Dr. Adam Morgan said a viral infection will most likely hit you a little more sudden, but they have similar symptoms and it's easy to mistake one sickness for the other.

"It can make you not breathe through your nose, you can be itchy, your eyes can burn," said Dr. Morgan. "You can be wheezy, you can get hives. It can make you tired all the time so a lot of those do overlap with viral infections."

Go see a doctor if you're not responding to typical allergy medications.

Doctors recommend an allergy test to figure out what's triggering your allergies.

There are several ways to treat those symptoms. Ask your doctors about your options.

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