Brothers say IL DUI proposals long overdue

IL DUI law proposal

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - Two bills that would affect drivers with repeated DUI's are awaiting final votes in the Illinois House.

One bill would require offenders with at least two convictions to have a device measure their blood alcohol level before they can start their vehicles for at least five years.

The other measure would allow offenders with four or more drunken driving convictions to apply for a restricted driving permit.

Those who apply must prove they are alcohol and drug free for at least three years and have the ignition devices installed in their vehicles.

Brothers Jerry Boens and Demetrius Kindell say these measures are long overdue.

“Something should've already been done,” Boens said.

February 3, 2015 is a date they will always remember.

“I thought I was dying,” Boens said. “I told my brother while I was in the car and that I'm dying.”

“I look up and before I could really see what was even going on, I was hit,” ”Kindell said

The brothers were hit head on by drunk driver.

“He hit us, flipped us,” Boens said. “And I was knocked out in the back seat, and he was pinched in the car.”

Boens had eight broken ribs, broken sternum, neck, toe, forearm. His aorta was torn and had to get a stint put in, pins in his thumbs, and a lung severely cut.

Kindell's femur was dislocated from his hip and had to be cut out of the car after it flipped over.

It's an incident that's been a lifestyle change for everyone in the family.

“It's been very hard because he was the one working, I was at home with the kids” Kindell's fiancé, Tamara Henry said. “It's always a question of how is this going to get done or how is that going to get done.”

With new measures to make stricter laws for those that have had at least two drunk driving convictions, Boens and Kindell say it's a just start.

“Something should've already been done,” Boens said.“It doesn't matter until it's somebody you love or one of your family members that's dead, then that's when it gets somebody's attention," which Boens said is just sad.

And their message is to warn anyone who might be thinking about getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks, to think again.

“You could take somebody's dream away, you could ruin a kid's life,” Boens said.

Both Boens and Kindell said with the help of people at 3ABN and Danny Shelton, they are forever grateful.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up for “Demetrius's Recovery Fund.” For more information, click

Neither of the proposals has passed the Senate, and they would also require Gov. Bruce Rauner's signature to become law.

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