Another Meth Crackdown

Another Meth Crackdown
By: Wes Wallace

U.S. Senator Jim Talent calls it Missouri's deadliest drug, and he says police need help fighting. On Thursday, Talent unveiled his proposed legislation, limiting the sale of pseudoephdrine, which is a primary ingredient used to make meth.

"I think it's an excellent idea," says Betty Belote, a customer at Medicap Pharmacy.

Talent's plan would move the over the counter medications containing pseudoephedrine behind the counter. Customers needing the certain cold medications containing pseudoephedrine would have to ask a pharmacist or pharmacy tech for the drugs, then they'd have to show I.D. and sign a form.

"It's more paperwork, and signing for it, that'll take several moments, and could be a bit of a headache," explains Ben Tally, a pharmacist with Medicap Pharmacy, "but all that extra hassle will be good for everyone concerned in the long run."

Tally also says there's already limited space on his shelves for prescription drugs behind the counter, so moving more medicine back there will make things even more crowded.