Proposed IL law would remove ban on firearm silencers

Proposed IL law would remove ban on firearm silencers

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - A bill being proposed by a southern Illinois state representative would remove a state ban on silencers on firearms.

The bill proposed bill would remove the state ban and users would need to comply with the National Firearms Act.

Gun owners say lifting the ban will help prevent hearing loss.

Those concerned with the ban worry about how it will effect crime in the state.

Deputy Brian Murrah with the Williamson County Sheriffs Department said he doesn't think lifting the ban will increase criminal use with the devices.

“A lot of the firearms we see with the legitimate bad guys – It's not top of the line stuff," Murrah said. "I mean you'd get the impression that what the bad guys are looking for is the conceal-ability and the affordability.”

The proposed law would make it legal to carry and hunt with the devices.

Brandon Dempsey is co-owner of Wild Dave's Firearms in Herrin, Ill. and says the devices could help prevent hearing loss.

“Having that to where it would silence the sound a little bit more would make it a lot easier than having to wear the big bulky ear muffs every time you go out," Dempsey said.

Illinois is one of 11 states that have a ban on the noise suppressing devices.

Under the proposed bill any silencer, suppressor or device to muffle or mute the sound of the explosion or report would become legal in Illinois.

Representative Brandon Phelps of Harrisburg, Ill. proposed

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