Young Rubik's Cube whiz eyes competition

WEB EXTRA: Watch 4th grader solve Rubik's cube in record time

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Inside the classroom, Ethan Hudlow is your typical fourth grader.

He attends Oak Grove Elementary in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

However, beyond the four walls of the classroom, Ethan is known as a Rubik's Cube whiz.

"It just entertains me. I like challenges," Ethan said.

"He loves it. He just can't get enough of it," Ethan's dad Aaron said.

Ethan can solve the puzzle in under 30 seconds.

"My record is 24 seconds," Ethan said.

However, it took a lot of practice to get there.

Ethan tried his hand at the puzzle for the first time in September, after asking his teacher he could try.

Since then, he works at the mental game all the time, at least when he's not in the classroom.

"It's intriguing. I mean we wake up in the morning to the sounds of click, click, click," Aaron said. "He's usually up before we are and already on the Rubik's cube. It is definitely a serious hobby he has."

A little incentive from his dad might've also encouraged this hobby.

"I told him every time he got it I would give him a dollar," Aaron said. " first it was infrequently and then my wallet was empty from giving him one dollar bills constantly."

For Ethan, he's learned more than how to master this mental game, the cubes have taught him one of life's toughest lessons.

"You're going to face a challenge everyday it just depends on how you chose to face that if you want to do like I did and quit the Rubik's cube or if you want to master in less than a minute every time you solve it," Aaron said.

Ethan is now gearing up for an upcoming competition in Texas.

He'll race against the clock in hopes of beating other Rubik's cube masters in April.

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