NTSB continues investigation into Lyon Co. plane crash

Published: Jan. 6, 2015 at 3:29 AM CST
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(KFVS) - The NTSB continued its investigation into a plane crash that killed four people on Friday night.

We talked to flight experts on Monday to give some insight on what could have led to the crash.

On Monday it was three days since pilot Marty Gutzler made a distress call to the Memphis Center Air Traffic control center, later crash landing in a heavily wooded area near the Kentucky Dam Airport.

Dr. Jose Ruiz from the SIUC flight school broke down available information from the Gutzler family flight.

"I think the primary thing they would be concerned with at this point is the condition of the aircraft," he said.

Dr. Ruiz has more than 20 years experience in flight safety.

He explained that there are many factors the NTSB will consider during their investigation of the crash.

"I believe the weather, perhaps in concert with engine problems, perhaps he was feeling overwhelmed, could have lead to some poor decision making," Ruiz said.

Weather conditions, visibility, mechanical failure and split second decisions all could have played a role.

"We have such sophisticated aircraft that we typically don't suffer catastrophic mechanical failure, however, if we do have issues with the aircraft, coupled with poor decision making, it could result in this sort of tragedy," Ruiz said.

The NTSB announced it will release preliminary results from the investigation in a week, but the full results could take up to a year.

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