Heartland shoppers annoyed by 'Christmas Creep'

Heartland shoppers annoyed by 'Christmas Creep'

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We've barely made it through Halloween, but at some stores it already looks like Christmas.

According to a new study by RichRelevance, 71 percent of Americans said they're either "annoyed" or "very annoyed" when they see holiday items in stores before Halloween.

Some stores around the Heartland are just rolling it out, while others have had Christmas decor out for months.

Most people agree, it's just too early.

"It's very sad," shopper Jessica Lemmons said. "I wish we could enjoy the season that we are in right now, instead of already trying to plan ahead for Christmas and New Years."

"Every year I think Christmas is becoming bigger and bigger and it's overshadowing Halloween and it's overshadowing Thanksgiving," Celebrate the Season Manager Christina Winkler said. "And I think it's important to remember each season for what it is.

Others are just numb to that Christmas Creep.

"Everything usually like all holidays it comes out early and everything," Morgan Shepard said. "So it doesn't really bother me that bad. I'm just kind of used to it."

Holiday spending does account for a big portion of retail sales.

"A lot of times I think it's a drive on money," Winkler said. "They want to maximize the profits they can get from the Christmas holiday."

However, you won't see any Christmas decorations at Celebrate the Season in Cape Girardeau.

The store wanted to hold off rolling them out until after we got closer to Thanksgiving.

"I think lots of people are moving a lot quicker in life," Celebrate the Season employee Brandon Meshell said. "We just need to slow down and take it one day at a time. And really enjoy the holidays, and really enjoy Halloween and really enjoy thanksgiving and then we can get to Christmas."

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