Cairo comprehensive plan holds final pubic meeting

Cairo comprehensive plan holds final pubic meeting

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - The consultants working on the Cairo Comprehensive Plan held their last public meeting Thursday night at Cairo High School.

Project coordinators had said they've heard concerns from Cairo residents and know some of the main goals for the city. An inviting atmosphere, drawing families and business. But now they want to prioritize those goals.

According to a news release, a member of GCR, Inc., a New Orleans-based planning & development firm, shared a draft comprehensive plan with the residents who attended.

The six-month planning process has included community input in the form of public hearings, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and a mail survey.

They say of the recommendations are that the city work towards weatherization programs for homeowners and targeted demolitions of vacant homes.

Also to prioritizing the McBride housing complex for redevelopment and the introduction of housing vouchers for more choice, transform U.S. 51 through town as the new "Main Street.

They also recommend fiber-optic broadband running alongside to expand business opportunities.

Residents can read and comment on the draft plan by going online to or to the Cairo Plan 2014 Facebook page before November 14.

The Final Plan will be released near Thanksgiving.

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