High school student pulls woman from path of moving train

High school student pulls woman from path of moving train

WEST FRANKFORT, IL (KFVS) - A Frankfort Community High School student is being called a hero after pulling a woman from the path of a moving train.

Colton Essary said that he and his friend, Maddie Hand, were on their way back to school after a lunch break when they saw a woman had fallen and was screaming for help as a moving train was hurling toward her.

Hand was the passenger of the truck. She said when she saw the train coming, she yelled at Essary to stop and run to help the fallen woman. Hand said she closed her eyes because she was so afraid.

"I was scared, I covered my eyes," Hand said. "For sure whenever the train went by, because it was really close."

Essary said he is happy the woman was safe.

"It was just a traumatic event and I'm thankful it turned out ok," Essary said.

Essary said he parked his truck in the middle of the road and ran to the woman. He said the woman had tripped over the tracks and he pulled her away just before the train passed.

"It wasn't really something you had time to think about," Essary said.

Essary said he spoke to the woman shortly after the incident. He said the woman said she was thankful that he saved her life and that he seven grandchildren would be even more thankful.

"I had an obligation to help and if I wouldn't have made it there in time, I couldn't really live with myself," Essary said.  "Seeing that happen right in front of me and knowing I didn't do anything to help."

Principal of Frankfort Community High School Bethany Shaw said she's proud of the two students for doing the right thing.

"I'm glad that they were aware of what was going on and able to help her when she needed it," Shaw said. "Maddie and Colton are shining examples to our student body."

The two students were late to class following lunch and the train incident. Shaw said the two students have since been excused from the tardy.

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