Does It Work: Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

Does It Work: Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

(KFVS) - The Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk claims to bring your furniture back to life and reveal your wood's natural beauty.

But Does it Work?

"I've seen it on TV, and if it works like they say it does on TV, it will be a good item," said Joyce Gray.

Joyce and Stan Gray said they can definitely use the Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk and are willing to put it to the test.

"Our furniture has been around almost as many years as we have and that's all scratched up," said Stan Gray.

The wood cleaner claims to bring furniture back to life.

"My grandson pushed his cars across there quite a few times, and scratched that pretty good," said Stan Gray.

The directions say you can use the polish on any wood finish, but don't use it on raw wood.

It even says you can polish your wood floors.

Stan followed the first step, and shook up the bottle.

Next he sprayed a table in the Gray family living room.

He got a towel and started wiping it down.

"It looks like it's doing a good job," said Stan.

While the product doesn't claim to cover scratches, we thought we would see if it did anything to these marks on the wood.

"It doesn't hide them, that's for sure, even the little ones are still very apparent," said Stan Gray.

On some wood, with certain finishes, or previously applied products, the directions say it might need an extra try to two.

So Stan kept wiping away, with the help of wife Joyce's directions.

"Wipe that over there, it needs to be wiped…right here?....yeah across that end"

The polish still wasn't working quite like Stan thought it would.

"It's leaving a lot of marks there where I'm doing my circular motions and they're not buffing out," he said.

To make sure it wasn't just this piece of furniture, we wanted to try the Amish Wood Milk on more than wood furniture item.

"I have an old wardrobe back in my study that my first wife's great grandfather made. We can take a look and see what you think," said Stan Gray.

This time we tried spraying product directly on the cloth, and not right on the wood.

"It seems to be doing a little better on here," said Stan Gray.

Stan said he thinks the first wood table had a shiny finish, and some other product on it, while this old wood wardrobe is soaking the Amish milk right up.

"It had some marks down here that you can't see at all, have a big one up here that it's covered up quite a bit," said Stan Gray.

He said he can see a difference.

"I can see where it's making a difference over here. It's much deeper and richer here than it is up there," said Stan Gray. "I've tried pledge on this, and pledge doesn't seem to do the job on this that this does."

From this quick test, Stan Gray said he definitely wants to buy the Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk.

He said it depends on the furniture, to where you might actually want to use it, but on average he gives this product 3 stars in our Does It Work test.

"We've got a lot of old stuff that's been around for a whole lot years, even more than me and it needs this kind of attention," said Stan Gray.

We found this product at Walmart for $10.

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