Does It Work: Control-N-Roll

Does It Work: Control-N-Roll
Published: Sep. 30, 2014 at 6:41 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 2, 2014 at 5:09 PM CDT
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(KFVS) - How much toilet paper do you and your family use in a week?

A Heartland inventor said his product can help cut that amount down, saving you paper and money.

"Control-N-Roll acts as a break, and stops the roll immediately when you stop pulling, so you tear off the only the amount you want," claims the commercial.

If you can't control your paper roll, whether it's paper towels or toilet paper, the control and roll might be the answer for you.

"So no more wasted paper and mess from a runaway roll that kids and pets love to unwind," claims the commercial.

Becky Motes has never heard of the Control-N-Roll before. She said they buy the big bargain toilet paper packs and go through them in about three weeks, but would love to save even more.

"Least amount would save a good amount of cash, so it seems smart for me," said Motes.

The directions made the Control-N-Roll seem easy to use.

"Remove the inner core, to allow it to slip on and fit snuggly to the bar," read the directions.

Motes took the control and roll out of the bag, and the toilet paper off the bar.

She tried pulling the foam pieces a part.

"Is it kind of tough to pull out? Just a little bit, foam on foam," answered Motes.

We tried to figure out which size would fit best on the bar. The first try didn't quite work...too small.

But the largest size fit perfectly.

So Motes slid it on, to the middle of the bar.

Next, she put the provided rubber washer on the end of the bar to make sure it would catch when it turns.

She slid the toilet paper roll back on and was ready to test it out.

Motes tried pulling toilet paper slowly first, she didn't notice much of a difference.

But, she said she used to never be able to tear with just one hand.

"It would spin and spin have a mess to the floor," said Motes.

With the control and roll, no mess.

"Normally I would put my hand on there so I know it wouldn't spin," said Motes.

It worked again and again.

Enough for Motes to say she wants it.

"This kids, not all, but most, use a lot, and some play, so that would actually come in handy," said Motes. "I'm going to buy one, I honestly like it."

Motes said she thinks this local inventor came up with a great idea.

"I thought okay we've got another jip, now that you've used it, I'm you know, impressed and honestly would mention to my mom about buying them because she's got two bathrooms in her house, so she uses more, and especially with family reunions," said Motes.

This Control-N-Roll gets 5 stars.

"You actually save your toilet paper, you save money because you don't buy as much toilet paper, and it's just genius," said Motes.

You can find the Control-N-Roll on their website by clicking here.

It costs about $4 for a package of two.

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