Kindergarten class learns sign language alongside classmate who is deaf

Kindergarten class learns sign language alongside classmate who is deaf

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A kindergarten class is showing their classmate just how much they care, in a very unique way.

Mrs. Lowe's class at Sikeston Kindergarten Center has a special subject on their everyday agenda. They're learning something extra that makes every class member feel a part of the family.

Kids learn a lot in kindergarten: crafts, shapes and how to listen to their teacher. However, Mrs. Lowe's class learns something else, too.

These five and six year olds are learning sign language, but it's not just for fun.

"We want Lori to feel like she fits in with everyone in our classroom," Pam Lowe said.

Lori is deaf and communicates mainly through an interpreter, but the rest of the kids are also learning. So, they can talk with her too.

"[Her] ears don't work like ours don't work like ours and she talks with her hands," Kindergarten Student Skyler Vent said.

Mrs. Lowe said it's teaching the kids more than just a new language.

"Just because we are different, we can still all get along and we can all still all be friends together and we can still talk to people even though they have differences," Lowe said.

Despite those differences, they laugh, play, and grow together as a class. Plus, Mrs. Lowe is learning too.

"I was trying to do Preston and I was doing it wrong and Lori would tell me 'no, no,'" Lowe said.

Ms. Lowe said through the school year, they'll all continue to learn together.

"The more you do it and use it, the more you're going to learn it," Lowe said.

Lowe said she hopes the bonds her students make with each other don't end after this school year.

She said she'd like some students who've learned sign language alongside Lorries to be her classmates through graduation.

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