Southern IL bank protected by 'Smith & Wesson'

Southern IL bank protected by 'Smith & Wesson'

MARION, IL (KFVS) - May's violent bank robbery in Cairo has bank safety front of mind.

A bank in Marion has additional safety measures in place, and they're not trying to hide it.

A sign on the door of South Porte Bank says "protected by Smith And Wesson."

Since the bank opened in 2011, they've had firearms in the building and employees trained to use them.

The bank president says it's a last resort security measure.

"I hope nobody ever uses one, that's everybody's hopes here," said Travis Clem, bank president. "Just the presence of them will help us deter anybody trying to rob this place; but again if something happens and it's bad and it goes wrong, it at least gives us options and you know I'm like everybody else I want to go home at night safely."

After two bank employees were killed and a third seriously injured last month in a bank robbery in Cairo, Illinois, South Porte Bank reviewed its procedures and made plans to train more employees to handle firearms.

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