The Master Lock

The Master Lock
By: Amy Jacquin

It claims to be tough under fire. Commercials show the Master Lock taking a bullet, but still holding strong. We put that tough theory to the test, and asked, "Does it work?"
Corporal Rick Schmidt of the Cape Girardeau Police Department helps us test the Master Lock. He'll shoot two locks, using a hand gun, and a 308-caliber Remington 700 sniper rifle.
First Corp. Schmidt takes aim with the hand gun. The hand gun did damage the lock, but it did not trigger a release.
"You can still see there's the bullet," exclaimed Corp. Schmidt. "It just stuck right on the lock. it moved the cylinder part a quarter of an inch. But it will not open, and it's still locked."
So Master Lock passes the easier test. But now we target it with our heavy-hitter, the Remington rifle. The lock explodes, and is completed torn in half horizontally. But the big question, did it come unlocked? "It's still locked, and I shot it completely in half." Schmidt says as he yanked hard on the lock. "It's pretty tough. I shot it with a sniper rifle, and it's still locked. I'm surprised. I thought it would come apart."
We should point out that we did not try bolt cutters on the lock, which Corp. Schmidt says would likely break the lock right open. But their slogan doesn't say anything about cutting it open, it says the Master Lock is "tough under fire." And that holds true today.
For this edition of "Does it Work" we give the Master Lock an 'A.'