Sikeston man pleads guilty in October shooting investigation

Rone Edward Bratcher (Source: Sikeston DPS)
Rone Edward Bratcher (Source: Sikeston DPS)

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - A Sikeston man pleaded guilty Thursday to discharging a firearm at a vehicle last October, according to Capt. Jim McMillen with the Sikeston DPS.

Rone Edward Bratcher,49, appeared in Scott County Court January 23 in front of Judge Dolan in reference to an October 7 case last year in which Bratcher tried to shoot another man.

The victim, a 38-year-old Sikeston man said Bratcher and he got in to a physical fight over some words that were allegedly said. During this fight, Bratcher allegedly tried to hit the victim with a tire iron but was stopped when he was punched in the face.

McMillen said Bratcher was said to have left but quickly returned with a handgun. The victim described the event and said Bratcher stopped his vehicle and got out of the car with a revolver. The victim took cover behind a vehicle as Bratcher began to shoot.

The victim said he kept running and ducking around the vehicle as Bratcher chased him with the gun. The victim ultimately fell to the ground after tripping.

Bratcher then allegedly got on top of the victim and the two began wrestling over the handgun. The victim said at one point the weapon went off right next to his head, almost hitting him. After that shot, Bratcher allegedly ran to his vehicle and left.

According to McMillen, there were other witnesses at the scene who saw Bratcher's assault.

Detectives later found a .22 revolver at Bratcher's home that matched the description from witnesses and the victim. This evidence and the witnesses' statements led to Bratcher pleading guilty Thursday.

Bratcher receiving a 10 year prison sentence based on his history.

McMillen said the assault charges were not pursued.

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