Illinois police need public's help after convenience store robberies

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A recent string of convenience store robberies has law enforcement over in Illinois on high alert.

In a little more than three week, four different stores have been targeted, three of those stores robbed at gun point.

Police need your help in tracking down the thieves.

Since January 1, Carbondale Blue Fish Liquors; Elkville Casey's; Herrin Conoco; and the most recent, Murphysboro Huck's, have all been targets to thieves who've successfully made off with the store's cash.

Surveillance photos gave investigators a vague sketch of who might be behind the crimes, but they're asking for the public's help in identifying the alleged thieves.

Here is what investigators say to look for:

  • Suspicious activity.
  • Watch for people who look nervous or excited.
  • Are their hands in their pockets?
  • Do they have a mask?
  • If someone makes you uncomfortable go with your gut.

"Talk to the dispatcher, explain what it is that makes you feel uncomfortable. It might be something that is getting ready to go down. And if that is the case, the sooner somebody calls the quicker law enforcement can respond," said Mark Wilson with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators don't believe the crimes are connected, but say robberies like these are going to continue to happen it's just a matter of where.

Which is why the public needs to be more aware of their surroundings more than ever.

Huck's in Murphysboro was the last location to be robbed.

"I watch people, I'm always watchful; it is definitely a concern because there are so many of them. this is definitely the time of day where it's smart to watch what is going on around you," said Larry II.

Police say until they stop the thieves in their tracks, or new leads come in, these crimes will be even more difficult to solve as time goes on.

They say they are in the early stages of the investigation and are working with all the departments and sheriff's offices to help solve these crimes.

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