Freeze and thaw, winter weather creates pothole problems

DIX, IL (KFVS) - Now that the snow and ice has been cleared from roads, drivers have a new danger to dodge: potholes.

A viewer sent us several pictures of the south bound lanes of Interstate 57 near Dix, Ill. The driver's lane is narrowed with cones.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the south bound driver's lane is now closed due to potholes until the end of the January.

In our district, IDOT engineer Keith Miley said freezing and thawing pavement is to blame.

"When we get those extreme temperatures like we did last week, that water, moisture that's trapped under the pavement, when it freezes, it expands, it fractures the pavement above it. And then when it thaws, of course, when it melts, and then that pavement will collapse," he said.

Workers with all 16 districts are taking advantage of this warmer weather to patch potholes. Miley said anything done now will likely only be temporary, since we're only about halfway through winter.

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