Water on in Golconda, boil water order in effect

Water on in Golconda, boil water order in effect

GOLCONDA, IL (KFVS) - Water service in Golconda is back up and running as of noon on Wednesday, Jan. 15. Golconda had been without water since Jan. 6.

City Clerk Jim Suits all residents now have water. He says all water towers are holding with no new breaks.

However, the town is under a boil water order.

Since Monday, Jan. 6 the town had been without enough water pressure in their water system to keep the town running.

"The problem started last Monday, that's when our tanks went dry," Golconda Mayor John Broadway said. "But we're building up water in our tanks. And hopefully we'll get the water back on this Monday."

Many residents have been without water for days. And they say it's not been easy to deal with.

"I had no water this morning," Julie Worthen said. "I used two bottles of water to make coffee, and I used three bottles to heat up and take a sponge bath. So it's very difficult without water."

And for those parents with kids, no water creates a whole new set of challenges.

"Having children is always a difficult time," Connie Smelcer said. "Having no water with kids is even more difficult because they like to run to the bathroom and they always want to flush, which is a good thing. They want to brush their teeth and wash their hands. They don't understand why it's not working."

The repairs to the town's main water line has been repaired. The mayor says there were some residents water lines that also had to be repaired.

Now, they've just got to get their water tanks filled and do a final check on their system.

"We've still got some of the areas shut off right now, to build back up the pressure in the tanks. And we're going to make sure we don't have any additional leaks," Mayor Broadway said.

Mayor Broadway also wants to make everyone in town aware that even once the water does come back on, that the boil water order will remain in effect for several more days.

"We're having tests done daily on that until it tests good."

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